London - The Culture and History to Explore

London, one of the oldest cities in the world has captivated many people and visitors over the years. Rich with culture, full of history, the capital of England was the scene for many events and decisions which have affected the world. From the Tower of London started in the years after the Norman conquest of 1066, to the Millenium Dome built for 2000, London has so much for visitors to see and enjoy.


London is rich with museums. Three must see museums are all within walking distance of one another in Kensington. The Natural History Museum presents an amazing collection of exhibits ranging from a full skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, to a full life size model of a blue whale with scale models of other sea life highlighting true size and scale. The Science Museum next door gives a full history of science and how it got here today. With the Industrial Revolution starting in England, this is a very apt museum to be based in London. All sorts of marvels can be seen and many interactive exhibits help understanding as well. The Victoria and Albert Museum across the road from these two museums, presents life how it was in the time of Queen Victoria and is a wonderful trip into the past.

The Monuments

Must see monuments and buildings in London firstly include Buckingham Palace. A section of the palace is now open to the public, and presents visitors with an insight into several rooms of the Queen's London residence. A walk up the Mall away from the Palace will take you to Trafalgar Square and the column of one of England's naval heroes, Lord Admiral Nelson. Beware of the many pigeons inhabiting this square. The Monument is another interesting place to go, take a walk up Europe's tallest column and see the views of London. You should also have a look around Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral, both the scenes of recent royal weddings.

Tower Bridge and Tower of London

Alongside one another are two of London's most iconic features. The Tower of London, started as the White Tower by William the Conqueror was greatly added to over the centuries. It is the scene of many a famous beheading as traitors were led through Traitor's Gates to the blocks of their demise. Sir Walter Raleigh spent many years imprisoned in the Bloody Tower for his apparent lack of loyalty. Nearby, Tower Bridge spans the Thames, and this famous combined bascule and suspension bridge was completed in 1894 and is arguably London's most famous landmark.
London is rich with so much else, it is best to plan your trip well, to take in what you want to see and do. There are plenty of hotels to choose from, many offering great discounts, so be sure to search well and find one that offers you the base for the best experience.

Also, do not forget the night life. As well as many discos or nightclubs, London also offers great cultural night time experiences too. over at Shaftsbury Avenue in the West End, there are many theatrical shows to choose from. Many of Andrew Lloyd Webber's hits are still playing. And pay an evening trip to eat at Covent Garden, the atmosphere is amazing with the many street performers displaying their skills.

London is a fantastic city to visit, full of learning and history. You will not regret your stay in one of the world's greatest cities.

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